Why do I need UST Operator training for my business?

ust_classab classc_training_certification

When running a gas station, one of the main goals and accomplishments is to turn a profit. But, as an employer with an underground storage tank (UST), you may be asking: Why should my business have UST Owner/Operator trained employees? How does UST training benefit my business and save money? Learn more about how UST Operator training can help a business.

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What is a UST Class C Operator?


UST Class C Operators are the first responders to emergency situations at a UST facility – like a gas station or convenience store. These individuals are usually the clerks of a facility.

Class C Operators monitor fuel deliveries to the tanks; control and/or monitor the dispensing or sale of regulated substances; and respond to alarms, releases, and other emergency situations.

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Texas UST Operator Class A/B – $90

Each Texas UST facility must have at least one named individual certified for each class of UST operator — Classes A, B, and C . One person may hold more than one operator UST operator classification

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UST Class A/B Operator Training Course Description

UST Class A Operator training is required for person(s) having primary responsibility for on-site operation and maintenance of UST systems (owner or operator of a UST facility). UST Class B Operator training is required for persons involved with daily on-site operation and maintenance of UST systems.

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